Federal Facilities – More Sacred than Churches?

Notorious New Mexico criminal cleric Arthur Perrault abused perhaps 50-60 kids in his long career. However, he’s finally going on trial for abusing one teen on an airbase where Perrault was a chaplain, and another in a veteran’s cemetery. He can be criminally charged because these happened in a federal facility and hence are federal crimes. Apparently, no statute of limitations apply.

So for most of his victims nothing can be done. I do know of one victim whom Perrault abused in the chapel of the archbishop’s house. But I’m not aware of how many of his other victims were actually abused in a Catholic church, school, or rectory, but I’m guessing quite a few as he was a ruthless opportunist whom I was lucky to escape.

But I do wonder why the Catholic Church is not at all outraged at the violation and defilement of their sanctuaries. AT ALL. Churches are supposed to be the House of God, and they seem to care very little about children being molested inside, and their blood spilled on the sacred pavement. At least, if one judges by Canon Law:

Can. 1211 Sacred places are desecrated by acts done in them which are gravely injurious and give scandal to the faithful when, in the judgement of the local Ordinary, these acts are so serious and so contrary to the sacred character of the place that worship may not be held there until the harm is repaired by means of the penitential rite which is prescribed in the liturgical books.

Code of Canon Law, 1983. Canon 1211, p. 197 Emphasis added

Maybe I’m taking it way too personally. After all, I was raped in the attic of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church for dropping a host. For a “man of God” to commit such a horrid crime in the very temple of his God should by itself be such a heinous offense that the offender could no longer be a priest.

To my knowledge, there have been no exorcisms or any steps anywhere at any time taken to reconsecrate the spaces so violated. Could it be there’s just too many of them? The only conclusion one can make is that such vile acts not “serious enough and so contrary to the sacred character of the place” as to warrant a spiritual scrubbing.

The fact that the Church shows so little concern is a sign, I think, that it doesn’t believe its own stories. But for abuse in some anonymous federal space to have greater punishment than being ravaged on a Catholic altar is nothing less than obscene.

But perhaps there’s another explanation, one even more obscene. Satanism derives much of its power from defiling the innocent, such as children, and the holy, such as sacred spaces. Could it be that this is not an oversight or lack of concern, but a deliberate act of negligence by evil priests? Could this transform a house of God into a temple of Satan?

Black rooms, special locked or hidden spaces dedicated to black magic and devil worship have been found in churches and seminaries, according to rumors that just won’t die.

Pope Paul VI famously said in a homily, “It is as if from some mysterious crack, no, it is not mysterious the smoke of Satan has entered the Church of God.”

Not mysterious? Could it be it’s been there all along? So what did Paul know anyway?

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